At RealPro Aquatic Weed & Algae Removal, we work to make your ponds and lakes look amazing again. Call us and we’ll have our team of experts assist you right away. 

Remember that time when you first set eyes on your property and the charming body of water sitting there just made you fall in love? Reality is that over the years, weed and algae can take over and the pond, lake, or shoreline you have right there might lose all its glory. Worry not because RealPro Aquatic Weed & Algae Removal is here to help you out. 

Our clients have always been satisfied with our services as we offer customized solutions that apply to your unique situation. Several factors may make your aquatic problem different from others—types weed or algae, water depth, typical use of the body of water, the severity of the problem, and if there are wildlife or aquatic animals that live in the water. 

No matter the problem is, we will find the best solution for you. Before you know it, you will soon have that magnificent and glorious view you once had on your property. Whether you use the lake for boating, swimming, fishing, or if you simply want a nice view from your window or patio, we can assist to make it serve its purpose once again. 

Weed Removal Lakeland

Our Algae and Weed Removal Services

RealPro Aquatic Weed & Algae Removal offers the following services and more: 

Algae Control

We do not only remove the algae from the body of water, but also find ways to prevent them from returning. 

Weed Removal 

Especially in larger bodies of water and shorelines, simple store-bought weed killers won’t easily work, or wouldn’t work at all. We use heavy equipment and by mechanical weed removal, we efficiently and quickly clear all the eyesore weeds that have been lingering there for the longest time. 

Weed Control

If you’ve received weed removal services in the past only to find these stubborn browns and greens returning to your pond, lake, or shoreline, then this is the solution you’re looking for. We use environmentally-friendly herbicides that effectively remove weeds, but remain friendly to other living things in the area. 

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