Algae in Fish Pond: Are the Fish Safe?

Algae in Fish Pond LakelandAre there algae on your fishpond? We understand if this gets you worried. It can become an eyesore and may get your wondering if it harms your fish, too. Algae in fish pond are unavoidable. Sometimes, even tiny aquariums get them too! What more if you have a large pond on your property?

Algae, also known as photosynthetic eukaryotic organisms, are considered aquatic plants. In fact, they are rich in nutrients too. So small amounts of algae wouldn’t necessarily harm your fish. But let’s dig deeper into when they can actually become harmful.  

Does Algae Harm Fish in a Pond?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, large amounts of algae can indeed harm the fish on your pond. There are certain harmful algal blooms that may release harmful toxins that can be deadly to fish and other aquatic animals. Those that aren’t toxic can result in clogged fish gills and reduced sunlight, that can still be very harmful to the fish.

According to the same source, abundance of algae on a body of water may also lead to dead zones and hypoxia. Algae does not only block sunlight from entering the pond, but it also takes over the oxygen supply that’s supposedly meant for the fish. No oxygen can eventually kill the fish.

How to Remove Algae from Pond Without Harming Fish

There are water treatments and algae killers that can effectively remove. However, you must make sure that you are choosing those that are non-toxic and are specifically made for removal of algae in fish pond. Follow the instructions carefully as overtreatments may also harm the fish.

Better yet, contact a pond algae removal contractor to help. There are experts who are experienced in dealing with algae that are found in small to large bodies of water. This is your better option if you want immediate solutions and guaranteed safe algae removal.

Contact the Algae Removal Experts in Lakeland, FL

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