Algae Removal

Algae RemovalAlgae can be a real ugly eyesore for any lake or pond. You might live on a beautiful pond or lake, but if algae accumulates and takes over the water, it can be an ugly site! RealPro Aquatic has a number of cost-effective solutions to make your pond or lake great again! 

Algae Removal is a Win-Win

And algae is not just hard on the eyes, as it can also have a devastating impact on pond life. When algae dies it begins to decay. This process will deplete oxygen levels in the water, and this can impact fish, turtles, and other life as well. So removing this algae not only has a positive aesthetic outcome, it also improves the health of the ecosystem!

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment for lake and pond clean-up. This enables us to perform these clean-up projects safely, efficiently, and at a fair and competitive price. So where some companies might take several weeks to perform lakefront cleaning with a more manual process, we can get the job done in a fraction of the time. 

Free Quote for Algae Removal

We can come to your property and do a free assessment of your algae or weed problem, and then provide a free quote right on the spot. And the job is not done until you are fully satisfied. So for algae removal done by the pros, call RealPro Aquatic at (863) 370-7063.