Are Critters Killed During Lake Weed Removal?

Are Critters Killed During Lake Weed Removal?Generally, no! Critters are not killed during lake weed removal. The whole process involves using heavy equipment with loud and vibrating engines that scare away critters. It’s true that there are a few that may get caught up in the weed mess, but the majority survive.

Having been a top lake weed removal company for years, we understand the importance of aquatic animal life. We do everything to ensure minimal loss and protect the ecology of your lake.

Mitigating Impact on Wildlife

Animal life is necessary for your lake’s ecosystem, and we must strive to preserve it. We take several precautions before dropping our aquatic weed harvester in your lake.

The first thing an experienced lake weed remover does is conduct a thorough survey. It involves identifying areas with a high concentration of aquatic life, such as turtle nesting sites or fish spawning grounds. With this information, we can avoid catching these critters by surprise and harming them.

Our lake weed removal machines in Lakeland, such as weed harvesters and Aquatic Mower, have loud engines that scare away critters. They also have propellers that disturb the water and warn any swimming animal to stay away. As they run and hide, we can safely remove the messy weed with minimal loss of life.

Ecologically Sound Weed Removal Practices

While lake weed has some importance in nature, overly grown weed is harmful and honestly looks terrible. It must be removed to create a balance. But how do we ensure our removal methods are ecologically sound and don’t kill critters?

Here is how. We only and strictly use machines. As much water chemical treatments eliminate algae quickly, we don’t use them for lakes. Chemicals such as algaecides kill weed overgrowth, which sinks at the lake’s bottom. Over time, the dead weed creates a toxic biomass buildup that pollutes the water and kills critters. (1)

At Real Pro Aquatic, we have invested heavily in mechanical weed removal technology. These heavy-duty machines only pull the weed from the lake bed with their roots without killing critters. The whole process is safe and preserves the health of your lake.

Another way to preserve critters’ lives is through proper weed disposal. It is beneficial in two ways. Decomposing plants creates toxins that can kill life in a lake. It is also an eye-sore if huge weed piles linger around your shore. It makes sense that you would want it removed and disposed of far away from your lake.

Let Us Clean Your Lake and Protect The Critters

While you want to maintain clear water in your lakefront, you also want to preserve life. That calls for a professional approach that we at Real Pro Aquatic can provide. We have what it takes to ensure your lake is free of weeds without harming other life forms. We proudly serve Lakeland, Brandon, Winter Haven, Dade City, and Polk City with our industry-leading quality and service. Contact us today via phone (863) 370-7063 or fill out our online form for a quote.

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