How Long Does It Take To Manually Remove Lake Weeds?

How Long Does It Take To Manually Remove Lake Weeds?It can take weeks to manually remove lake weeds using hands and basic tools like machetes. While it’s possible, it’s a daunting and time-consuming task. You don’t have to spend that much time on something you can complete within a day.

There is an option of hiring professionals equipped with heavy-duty machines. It would take just a few hours or a day to clear the weeds, and you can spend the rest time enjoying a boat ride and fishing. But machines do more than save time. Here are more benefits of using machines to remove lake weed.


Manually removing lake weed can leave behind many plant fragments that often regrow within a short time. It’s still not perfect work despite taking weeks and sometimes months to clear a single waterway. On the other hand, heavy-duty equipment saves you the effort and does a better job.

Machines like weed harvesters can effectively remove even the tiniest weeds that would otherwise be left floating around with a rake. In the case of tough weeds like lilies, equipment like a weed cutter can easily cut through the thick stems. It leaves behind a clear path, which is almost impossible using manual tools like machetes.

With machines, you can effectively remove stubborn lake weeds, such as duckweed, which require weeks to scoop by hand or buckets. These tiny aquatic plants grow in dense mats, making it challenging and time-consuming to clear by hand. However, with the help of the suction power of a machine, you can easily remove them in one go. (1)


Manually removing lake weed in Lakeland might seem affordable, especially considering the few tools you need. However, you will realize it’s more than just a machete and a rake. It needs more human resources and will take weeks to complete. By the time you’ve cleared the entire lakefront, weed has already started growing back where you began.

If you can save time, you can also save money. That’s what professional lake weed removal companies like Real Pro Aquatic Services offer. A job that would take weeks to complete, paying guys daily only takes a day with our heavy-duty machines.

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You can’t afford to suspend all your fun lake activities for weeks when you can clear it in a day. We at Real Pro Aquatic Services can help you maintain a clear and clean lake using the best and most advanced equipment. We service Lakeland, Brandon, Winter Haven, Dade City, Polk City, and we appreciate the support of our communities. Contact us today via phone (863) 370-7063 or email and request a quote.

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