How to Remove Algae From Pond

How to Remove Algae From Pond LakelandHow to remove algae from pond? Here, you can learn more about the solutions you can take into consideration to get the muck out and make your pond beautiful again. 

A pond is one of the loveliest features or ornamental additions you can add to your home or garden. Although ponds require less maintenance compared to swimming pools and aquariums, it needs some cleaning every once in a while too, especially when weeds and algae build up. 

Tips on How to Remove Algae From Pond

Not a lot of homeowners enjoy the benefits of having a pleasant view of a pond on their property. Of course, you require a large space to build a pond and you must be committed to maintaining it too. When left without attention for a long period of time, the pond will be nothing but a dirty body of water right on your property. 

Here are some tips you can keep in mind when you need to learn how to remove algae from pond. 

Aquatic Plants Can Absorb Algae Drawing Nutrients

Algae is a form of living organism. Therefore, it needs certain nutrients from the water for it to form, live, and thrive. Aquatic plants can absorb those nutrients, which will help prevent algae growth. Some aesthetically pleasing aquatic plants you can consider include watercress, cattails, and lily pads. Not only will these stop algae from forming, but they will also make your pond look amazing. 

Do Not Overfeed Fish

One of the causes of algae growth is rotting materials that are placed into the pond. If you have fishes living in your pond, make sure you are only feeding them enough. Overfeeding will cause leftovers to rot and become a catalyst that would grow algae. 

Do not be worried about underfeeding the fish. What you could do is feed the fish smaller amounts of food and observe how much they are eating. If they finish it right away, then add some more. If not, then you might be overfeeding them. So make adjustments from there. You only need to feed pond fish once a day. 

Use a Net Or Skimmer to Remove Algae

Although effective and immediate, the results of removing algae using a skimmer or net are temporary. This is a Band-Aid solution that won’t work long-term. Also, it takes a whole lot of effort to remove algae manually especially if you have a fairly large pond. 

Call for Professional Pond Algae Removal and Algae Control in Lakeland, FL

Understandably, not many homeowners have the time and resources to apply the tips above. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, these tips might not exactly offer the long-term effects you are looking for. Especially if you have a serious pond algae problem, then it’s time to seek professional assistance. 

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