How To Remove Lake Weeds

Lake Weed Removal LakelandIf you are maintaining a lake on your property, you are aware that weeds are very common. Just like the weeds in your garden, lake weeds will keep growing back, and removing them from the lake is a never-ending process.

While lake weeds play an important role to support the fish and other living organisms living in the lake, it should also be noted that they should be controlled to maintain the health of the lake.

Can you remove lake weeds on your own? In general, the task should always be handled by professionals. Heavy equipment is used to remove lake weeds and with wild animals living in the lake like alligators, you don’t want to risk doing it without supervision.

Read below to know more about the many options in removing lake weeds.

1. Hand harvesting. According to experts, this is by far the most effective way to remove lake weeds and keep their growth at bay. Through hand harvesting, lake weeds are removed directly from the roots. Expert diving professionals are needed to do this. While it is environmentally friendly and gives long-lasting results, it can be more expensive given the amount of labor needed for the job.

2. Machine harvester. This is one of the most common methods used to remove lake weeds. Many lake owners prefer this method because it is fairly easy to do. A machine harvester is a water mower in a form of a small barge that runs in the lake to cut through the weeds. A machine harvester is less expensive to use but should also be operated by a professional.

3. Hydro-rake. Also in the form of a barge, a hydro-rake is run through hydraulic paddle wheels with hydraulic arms that act as a rake. This machine is used to remove lake weeds from the bottom via the rake attachment. The hydro-rake machine should also be handled by a team of professional lake weed removers.

4. Chemical removal. The chemical method is probably the least expensive way to remove weeds from the lake. In the process, herbicide spray or other chemicals are applied directly to the water. While chemical removal can be an effective way of removing weeds, it can also be time-consuming as it takes days for you to use the lake. Fishing and swimming are not allowed while the water is undergoing treatment.

Tools needed for lake weed removal

There are various tools and machinery needed to remove lake weeds. Some are easily available in the market while others need an expert to operate. To know what type of tools you need to keep your lake clean and healthy, you must also check what your state allows in terms of managing weeds and other aquatic plants in a body of water. Checking your budget for maintenance is necessary as well as tending to your lake can be expensive.

The methods listed are just some of the methods professional lake cleaners can offer. There are a lot of other methods your local service provider can suggest.

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